Friday, December 12, 2014

Brave Sir Julian Asschapeau commissioning statue of self.

A monument to self-regard, featuring most prominently himself, flanked by brave Sir Edward the Muscovite, and Brave Madam Manning the Ambiguous.

The campaign comes complete with a pledge drive:

A £5 donation will earn a “public thank you” on Facebook, £50 will buy an autographed picture of Mr Dormino (the sculptor) working on the project and £300 will buy a limited edition t-shirt bearing the statement: “Be courageous because courage is contagious.”

What? No Tote Bags, or 'Best of' CD or DVD?  Maybe Peter Paul and Mary could hold a fundraising concert?  There must be some way to weave homage to the 60s into this effort.
At least PBS and NPR have Tote Bags.

And the clock keeps ticking at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London