Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Annual Thanksgiving OTR collection

Various radio shows from OTR sources I regularly peruse. The first comes from "Homeschool Radio Shows" excellent source of historically themed OTR. This is a thanksgiving episode of the series Cavalcade of America, entitled:

Path of Praise

A history of how we came to have our holiday.

Also from HRS, we have a gem from the "You are There" series. YAT recreated history as if it were being covered by contemporary radio news. This episode:

The Sailing of the Pilgrims

In a lighter vein, the Life of Riley, a radio sitcom of the 40s presents:

Thanksgiving with the Gillises

And hard boiled private eye Sam Spade is on the..

Terrified Turkey Caper

And the Elgin Watch company sponsored annual Thanksgiving shows in..

1947 and 1948

Found this historically themed show at the always fascinating Internet Archive. It covers a lot of ground about the history of this holiday, but starts where it should FOOTBALL. An interview with Roger the Dodger begins things, then there is a nice discussion of the long relationship that had already existed between the King of All Sports and Turkey Day, well before the NFL got in on it. Then it's on to the origins of that other great spectacle, the Thanksgiving Parade.

Command Performance, Thanksgiving Edition Featuring Lionel Barrymore, Percy Faith, Baby Snooks, Dinah Shore, Harry Von Zell, and Frank Morgan. Command Performance was a show for American forces during WWII. These shows were not broadcast domestically, but over Armed Forces Radio Network, via shortwave.

Winston Churchill on 'America's Thanksgiving'

Get past the goofy 80s retro threads and hairdos, and marvel at Less Nessman's commentary from the Pinedale Shopping Mall. WKRP's Thanksgiving show.

"Oh the humanity!"

"God as my witness; I thought turkeys could fly."

Mr. Carlson

Jack Benny Turkey Day Episode, 1943 Click Here.

Episode info from the host site Old Time Radio Cat(alog):

"Jack Dreams He Is A Turkey" from November 21, 1943
Jack Benny is hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year and needs a turkey for 15, but Turkeys are 55 cents a pound and Jack has a penny pinching dilemma. Jack's indecision makes him ponder about the life of the turkeys and their families in the butcher shop. Jack dreams he is a turkey and tries to catch a train out of town.

Detroit T-Day Parade from 1948

Jean Shepherd trapped with Turkeys 1973

Shep again, Thanksgiving Turkey 1968

Shep yet again Army Thanksgiving 1972