Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween OTR Cornucopia: Mercury Theatre 1938 War of the Worlds Broadcast and other Apocalyptic Fakes

First from Rand’s Esoteric OTR, a newly discovered 16 inch lacquer set of the granddaddy of them all, the War or the Worlds "panic" broadcast of 10-30-38.

Next, Buck Benny replicates the listening experience of the 1938 "channel surfer" who wandered unsuspectingly into the War of the Worlds, during a musical number in the much more popular Charlie McCarthy Show

Next, two television recreations of the broadcast:


1975, The Night That Panicked America

Next, some radio imitations.

First up: Groovy WKBW Buffalo rendition, 1968. Dig the music man…

WKBW again, circa 1971. Different music this time.

A few years later, the WKBW staff remember the fun…

Next, NPR does it in its own inimitable NPR style, 1985, Jason Robards stars, along with several NPRistas. Audio effects by Skywalker Ranch: Oh… and partially sponsored by

 “The Urban Jogger: Investment quality shoes and chocolates in a meditational environment”

PBS “The American Experience” 75th Anniversary documentary on the ’38 Broadcast

We’ll wrap things up with some lesser known, but no less entertaining apocalyptic radio broadcasts:

WUHN Peoria:
 The Peoria Plague (a zombie themed fake broadcast) 1972

And a student project from 80s Canada. What happens when the Ruskies invade West Germany, and that cowboy Reagan is in charge here in ‘Murica’? All out nuclear war. That’s what happens. Canadians hardest hit.

The Final Broadcast

Happy Halloween!