Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Bibliomancy and Appropriation in Military Ethics: Proposing Truculent Modernity"

Two folks,Corey McCown and Martina Holliday, compiled a word-bank drawing from academic articles that look to be from English departments of the post modernish variety, wrote some code that allows you to plug in some words. The program adds some obscurantist fluff from its bank, and generates the title. If you are particularly enamored of the title it will generate a word document with the title and formatted to MLA, APA or other formats. The results are hilarious, and a terrible time waster.  The post title is one result.

What gets me is that the creators actually intended to create a tool students can use to generate papers. Now all they need is a paper content generator.

Go On Try It, You Know You Want To

And a quick note to Corey and Martina.

"based off of.." should read "based on"

What's this 'based off of'  business anyway?  I see this all the time.