Monday, October 28, 2013

Lou Reed to antisemites:

NRO reminded me of this song from way back

RIP Lou.


Good evening Mr. Waldheim
and Pontiff how are you?
You have so much in common
in the things you do
And here comes Jesse Jackson
He talks of Common Ground
Does that Common Ground include me
or is it just a sound
A sound that shakes
Oh Jesse, you must watch the sounds you make
A sound that quakes
There are fears that still reverberate
Jesse you say Common Ground
Does that include the PLO?
What about people right here right now
who fought for you not so long ago?
The words that flow so freely
falling dancing from your lips
I hope that you don't cheapen them
with a racist slip
Oh Common Ground
Is Common Ground a word or just a sound
Common Ground---remember those civil rights workers buried in the ground
If I ran for President and once was a member of the Klan
Wouldn't you call me on it

The way I call you on Farrakhan
And Pontiff, pretty Pontiff
Can anyone shake your hand?
Or is it just that you like uniforms
and someone kissing your hand
Or is it true
The Common Ground for me includes you too
Oh is it true the Common Ground for me includes you too
Good evening Mr. Waldheim
Pontiff how are you
As you both stroll through the woods at night
I'm thinking thoughts of you
And Jesse you're inside my thoughts
As the rhythmic words subside
My Common Ground invites you in
or do you prefer to wait outside
Or is it true
The Common Ground for me is without you
Or is it true
The Common Ground for me is without you
Oh is it true
There's no Ground Common enough for me and you

An insane game.

4 turnovers (two interceptions, two fumbles)

Over 600 yards offense. CJ 7 yards short of all-time reception yards total record.

Need an improbable come-from-behind Lions victory?  Dial up the Cowboys. Two years running.

Over to you Opera Man Lions Fan..