Friday, September 6, 2013

Iran's super seekrit weapon.

With  all the Iranian sabre rattling in response to threats of actions against the Chinless Wonder, you have to wonder how serious they are.

Well, I grow very concerned. Over at the Drudge report, linked to the above WSJ story about threats to U.S. embassies via Iranian proxies, is this curious image. From where it comes, I do not know:

Things kind of fell into place for me. More specifically, a certain subterranean worry that had been lurking in the recesses of my brain, suddenly leaped to the fore.

For some time now, Official Iranian Salute Guy has been off the radar screen. Few public  appearances, and no activity on his Official FB page.

What is more, with the replacement of Li'l Ahmie, as President you had to grow concerned. The clerics apparently tired of his antics, and perhaps they had taken down OISG along with him.

Maybe he's being held incommunicado, forced into retirement at the Persian equivalent of a dacha?

But, the Mullahs are not so mad as to waste their resources. It is now very apparent what they have done, and what became of Official Iranian Salute Guy. You tell me what you see in that photo.

The Iranians have no need for drones or anti-grav drives. They have a CLONE ARMY.  Just look closely. The resemblance is striking:

Bad-ass over the top covers    - check
Cool shades                             - check
Close cropped beards              - check

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