Friday, August 23, 2013

Princeton Review SAT Analogies Division: Nigel Tufnel is to the number 11 as Al Gore is to the number..


From the Gore friendly blog “the Equation

 Gore inaccurately suggested that the hurricane scale will now include a category 6 (current scale is 1 through 5). He said the following:

 “The extreme events are more extreme. The hurricane scale used to be 1-5 and now they’re adding a 6. The fingerprint of man-made global warming is all over these storms and extreme weather events.”

As was pointed out earlier today by Jason Samenow, chief meteorologist at the Capital Weather Gang, this is untrue. There are no plans by the National Hurricane Center—the federal office responsible for categorizing storms—to create a new category. 

Be sure to read the comments section of this post. Interesting bit:
The designer of the scale has stated that the categories have to do with levels of destruction and once you are at 5, you’re pretty much seeing everything flattened in the sustained wind field. Adding a “Category 6″ would be like adding “Extra dead” to a listing of how sick you can be. THAT is the reason there is no Category 6, not because there is not a class of super strong storms.
I suspect that amps are a bit like that. After a certain volume level has been attained you cannot improve upon the 'sustained wind field.' Right Nigel?

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