Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mitch Daniels playing into stereotype

There is plenty of justification for looking askance at the “scholarship” of the late Howard Zinn, and for that reason I sympathize a bit with Mitch Daniels’ concerns, as relayed in this IHE story but if it is true he made efforts to “ban” Zinn’s fat political pamphlet masquerading as a history text, from use in educational settings, then he is exactly wrong. 

You don’t hide this sort of tripe from folks, but openly discuss it, and present and discuss work by folks that critically eviscerate it, as is done HERE, for instance, by the New Republic, HERE in the Stanford Report, and HERE in the American Educator.

Another case of a Republican politician playing right in to the most pernicious stereotypes on offer from some on the Left.

Nice work Mitch. Another tone-deaf  Republican politician. A dime a dozen.