Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of July OTR, and Jean Shepherd talks cynicism, patriotism and fireworks.

From the Internet Archive

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You Are There - Philadelphia, July 4, 1776

Cavalcade of America - Declaration of Independence

American Trail, The Dispatch to New York

American Trail, The Brave Flag

And now..some Shep:

An Army Fourth

Cool cynicism runs up against patriotism. The 'put-down artist' rendered speechless by taking part in a parade. One of his best stories. Click to listen, right click to download.

"There are muddle-headed souls who would tell you over and over that man is a basically peaceful and quiet creature, destined  ultimately to while away his golden days strumming lutes, penning odes, and watching birds. I have never yet witnessed a turtle preparing to ignite the portenteous fuse of a cherry bomb. No, it remained for man to concoct black powerder from the innocent elements of the earth and ultimately split the atom, all in pursuit of that healing balm -  the thundering report."

Another Classic Shep Fourth of July story involves fireworks and near disaster: Ludlo Kissel and the Dago Bomb that Struck Back

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Meanwhile, in London, at the stately Ecuadorian embassy...

And, this new development: BUGS!

Because fawning media interviews are clearly not enough. 'We need all Julian all the time' say his most ardent supporters.

 Exit Q: Do we need to create a clock for Brave Sir Edward's extended stay in Russia?

Exit A: Yep probably.

 Exit A': And Pootie-poot has no doubt already seen to installing any bugs for the benefit of Brave Sir Edward's acolytes. Never fear.