Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Furlough coming soon

To a DOD installation near you (if they haven't already). Most of the civilian force will be affected.

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SecDef Hagel announced this, Tuesday. 11 days starting July 8.  My reaction. Hurts the pocket book (duh), and the "no choice" language in the announcement overstates  things in one particularly exasperating way...

Declaring he had no choice, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced Tuesday the Pentagon will furlough most of its 800,000 civilian employees for 11 days this summer beginning on July 8 to help pay for budget cuts under sequestration
...considering that Navy Secretary Ray Mabus actually did what any competent secretary would do and planned ahead and found ways to save the same amount of money without having to furlough. He did this weeks ahead of deadline:
Hagel, who detailed the furloughs in a lengthy memo to his top Pentagon managers, said there about 120,000 civilian workers would be exempt, mostly in jobs vital to national security or emergency personnel, but said he wanted to be fair and spread the pain across the department. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, for one, said he had found savings within his department and would be able to avoid furloughing his civilian employees. But Hagel shot down that notion in recent weeks, saying the cuts would be implemented across the services in a “one-team, one-fight” approach.
Message to Navy: That's what you get for adapting and finding ways to meet savings targets for your branch. We will go with an indiscriminate sledgehammer approach, thank you very much.

What is the ultimate point of the exercise, to save the money or to save the money with pain? Is the point 'spreading the pain around' to borrow a phrase? Why is it not to save the money with as little pain as possible?

Message to civilian employees:  You are pawns in a political game. Your pain is required in the playing of that game.

Wonderful.  And, thanks.