Friday, April 12, 2013

We're doomed, Axis of Evil amazing technology will bury us.

Iranian scientists continue with their stunning breakthroughs. First it was magneto-gravity drives, now, hold your hats..they have time travel capabilities, without having to slingshot around the sun or fire up a souped up Delorean.   I get the flop sweats just thinking about Li'l Ahmie and Official Iranian Salute Guy time trekkin' and wreaking all kinds of havoc. To be sure, it's not quite time travel but the flip side of peering toward distant stars and galaxies. Just as we look back in time when we do these things, this genius, Ali Razeghi, has created a device that can peer into an individual's future some 5 to 8 years using only fingerprints. Check it out.  The mind positively boggles.

Add to this the fact that we have Li'l Ahmie's Li'l buddy, Li'l Li'l Kim getting in on the tech wave, (signalling his arrival on the cutting edge by adopting the appropriate symbolism of all great power players, the now ubiquitous Official NoKo Salute Guy)

..getting in, I say by, amidst the usual sabre rattling, dropping this bombshells news:

They have up to two missiles on standby, that maybe-kinda-could reach the US (Alaska or West coast).

But of course, there is more to the story. Two nuclear armed missiles. May not sound like much. But dig a bit deeper. Dig a bit deeper. You have to ask: Why the "standby?"


Well, if we are to believe this report, from the always reliable Top Hat and Monocle, the NoKo's march into the mid twentieth century was held up due to conflicts introduced into the computer control systems when they attempted an upgrade from Windows 95 to Window 8.

Think about that.

Seriously.  Cypher out the implications of that statement. 

Yes, I suspect your are skeptical dear reader, and a bit confused as to why this should either be believed or the source of consternation. Sure the conventional wisdom about this New Yorker story is that it is satire.  I know.  But consider this:  If it is indeed true, as is logically possible, the NoKos must have great confidence in their abilities and their infrastucture systems. For, they evidently think they can entirely bypass Windows 98 and Windows Vista, boldy attempting to go where no NoKo has gone before, taking a direct leap into the 21st Century.

You have to give Li'l Li'l Kim credit, he has cojones. And if you are honest with yourself about it, you do also have to take pause.

We may truly be on the brink.

May God help us all.