Sunday, March 24, 2013

Phil Harris and Alice Faye 1953-03-22, Phil to be replaced?

Phil don't get no respect...kinda like Leno.

Thanks to Buck Benny for the weekly show!

[The son of Neocles even gets a mention. Thanks again Buck :)]

And don't forget to check out Buck's Phil and Alice vault. Well worth the time Clyde.

Highly Illogical.

The IRS is apparently in the Trek "parody" business to the tune of 60k.

But, wait it saves on training expenses!
IRS Acting Commissioner Steven Miller said in a statement that one of the two videos was played in 400 locations and saved taxpayers $1.5 million over what it would have cost to train employees in person.
Which, of course is a very obvious case of false dilemma. Nice try Steve.