Friday, February 8, 2013

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is Still Dead.

Update: Our top story tonight: Brave Sir Julian Assange is still hold up at the Venezuelan Embassy in London!

For those wondering about the post title, an explanation is in order. The below bit from SNL the Original Series was an installment of an ongoing gag, done weekly and well after Franco had died, parodying media saturation coverage of such events. Well, things are getting that way with Julian’s excellent adventure.

Ok, that’s one ancient pop-culture-media reference, howz about another? For those of us old enough to remember the origins of Ted Koppel’s Nightline, during the Iranian hostage crisis, we might pine for an SNL style parody of the nightly countdown of the days it has been since Brave Sir Julian took refuge from the evil forces; forces that want him dread or alive.

Jah mahn. Daht was another ancient pop-culture reference mahn. I and I can’t help myself. How many days has it been now, Brave Sir Julian of the pallid complexion and multi-hued coif? 200? 300?

Hell. We need a running clock

And, as time has gone by, even those sympathizers and allies that had bailed him out in the past, now must admit that they are given pause when considering the wisdom of their past support as well as the veracity of his tinfoil hat conspiracy claims. Read and enjoy this from a disillusioned former friend, while you also savor a cold brew from the Schadenfreude Brauhaus.

No worries though. All is not lost for the hip counterculture hero or his acolytes. The article is accompanied with the obligatory Assmange Asschapeau Assange-Story high end photography, making Brave Sir Julian look quite the consequential, speaking truth to power, international man of mystery. All is not entirely lost to disappointment or cynicism when it comes to our hero.

Or perhaps, as this last picture from the article inadvertently suggests, given a little more time on the countup clock, Brave Sir Julian is the slowly disappearing and increasingly inconsequential embodiment of Andy Warhol’s quip about everyone’s 15 minutes?