Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jean Shepherd on football, Christmas and the Army

Jean Shepherd, you know, the Christmas Story writer, Ralphie. Shep had a long running show in NYC, on WOR, in which he spent an hour in spontaneous story telling. He would also, from time to time, read from his published books, stories about life in the Northern Indiana during the depression, stories about 'the Old Man' the Bumpus Hounds, the Red Ryder B-B gun, etc.. The 1984 movie was culled from these writings. Shepherd was a truly gifted story-teller. Below, courtesy of the Internet Archive is a selection of his Christmas related radio ramblings. Click to listen, right click to download.:

Football, the Old Man and da Bears. 12-5-73

Gifts from Aunt bunny slippers. 12-20-73

Buying the Old Man a Christmas gift for a buck 12-23-74

Red Ryder Nails The Cleveland Street Kid 12-77(?)

Christmas Leave (or not) Shep in the Army Signal Corps 12-24-75

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