Friday, December 21, 2012

OTR Christmas Bonanza

Courtesy of Buck Benny, some shows from his collection:

First, Fred Allen, from 1937 with Jack. The ‘Santa will not ride tonight’ skit was a regular feature during the holidays. Very funny. It is toward the end of the show.

Command Performance from 1942, featuring MC Bob Hope, the Andrews Sisters singing the PA Polka, Red Skelton as the Mean Little Kid, and the Spike Jones Orchestra. This is my favorite Command Performance episode.

More from Bob. He goes Christmas Shopping:

A tale of murder for Christmas? Yes. This particular story had several incarnations, one with Peter Lorre as the main character. This version has Paul Frees Normandy vet in that role.

And Sherlock Holmes and Watson in their traditional Christmas story:

The Whistler with a story of an ex-con trying to live on the up and up:

Jimmy Durante Christmas show, from 1947:

Christmas in the OTR West, first Gunsmoke, Marshal Dillon helps a drifter decides he’ll settle in Dodge


And Jimmy Stewart in the Six Shooter’s version of the Christmas Carol. He tells the story of old ‘Eben’ to a runaway boy.

Of course, a Jack Benny last minute shopping episode. One of the best, from 1947. Mel Blanc as the harried clerk, dealing with Jack, the customer from hell, Phil Harris and the southern female clerk helping him with his gift for Alice, the racetrack tout and more. The audio quality of this show is outstanding.

The Annapolypse

Wind storms, very high tides here at the Academy, power outages and friggin' explosions man..

It's the end of the world as we know it, or at least the end of Annapolis as we know it.

So, scoff all you want at the 12-21-12- hysteria, but the end of the 13th Baktun is bringing catastrophe...localized, but still.

  I'm hunkering down. More HERE