Friday, December 14, 2012

OTR Christmas three-fer from The Whistler

12-26-48 Delayed Christmas Present

12-23-51 Christmas Gift

12-21-52 Christmas Bonus

OTR Christmas two-fer. Christmas address from FDR and Churchill 12-24-1941

From the White House Christmas tree lighting, as covered live, mere weeks after Pearl Harbor. FDR speaks first, and then introduces Churchill

Click to listen, right to download.

Poking fun at philosophical thought experiments: The allegory of the trolley problem paradox

Pretty funny. By my count 7 philosophers get poked in this melting pot. Without using a search engine, can you name them, and match each philosopher to the element he/she originated? (And have I missed any?)

1. The trolley
2 The cave
3. The demon
4. The tortoise
5. The veil
6. The Chinese room
7. The ship of Theseus

And, previously in the Shade.. another philosophy parody.