Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What would Buford T. Justice Say?

Why would he say this? Meggings? Leggings for men? May be a trend. Who knows From the UK's Telegraph. They think it might be poised to take the world by storm..

 (Is that Brave Sir Julian? I thought he was still holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy?) 

Trend? Er. I don't think so, but just in case, there is a ready made theme song.

OTR Christmas Two-fer, from 1946

First, the Proctor and Gamble Soap Operas of 1946 get together for "Christmas Day in America", featuring Chichi (Alice Reinheart) and Papa David (Ralph Locke) from "Life Can be Beautiful" talking about children and Mary.

12-25-46 NBC Christmas in America

12-24-46 The Pepsodent Show, from Sawtelle Veterens Hospital. Bing, Bob, Dorris Day, and General Omar Bradley

Frosty the Snowman Sing-Off! Feel free to vote in the comments section

Whose is the best rendition of this old classic? (I'm partial to three of them, the Ronnettes, Redbone/Dr.John, and Soup.)

The Ronnettes

Leon Redbone and Dr. John

Gene Autry


The Beach Boys

Nat King Cole

Heavy Metal Xmas

Bowling for Soup

Ska Santas