Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The “New Normal”?

I hate that phrase..

Morning after questions here. In no particular order.

  Does the result of Tuesday’s election signal implicit acceptance or resignation to the permanency of...

Unemployment rates higher than 5-7%?

Gas prices higher than $2?

Gas prices that will rise on the average, $1.5 to $2 per every four years?

That there is no serious public interest in developing domestic fossil fuel on a large enough scale to gain energy independence for the American continent?

Chronically and increasingly underfunded yet expanding government run health and Social Security programs?

The Federal government abandoning the passing of annual budgets, but, as has been the case for years now, relying on a rolling series of continuing resolutions?

$5 Trillion in additional national debt every 4 years or so?

On the electoral front: Does it signal:

That Va, Fla and Oh are trending to permanent blue status when it comes to Federal level elections? Are these states headed toward a status similar to PA and MI? In fifty years will they be more similar to New York or California? Will this also hold true of PA, MI and other such states? Will they trend even more blue?

That in terms of  D/R ratios the nation is now politically Michigan writ large?

That conservatives and the GOP are, or are becoming the American analog to the British conservative party, a permanent minority? (A permanent minority that has no option open for coalition building as is provided by the British parliamentary system.)

That the GOP, in hopes of gaining more votes, to offset demographic trends will (in effect if not in name) have to adopt amnesty for illegal aliens and DREAM act type plans for their children?

If so, will that have the desired effect, or will it create more voters for the Democrats, despite the intentions or wishes of the GOP?

Will the demographic trends purple-ize Texas? Will Texas eventually go blue?