Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stolen Valor on Steroids in the round of 64.

This guy is just freakin' ridiculous.

From the very-hilarious-when-it-comes-to-stolen-valor "This Ain't Hell" blog. It is currently hosting a Stolen Valor tournament based on the March Madness Basketball tournament. Presently it is in the round of 64. This phony (and not even remotely plausible) soldier is inexplicably ONLY an eleven seed in his regional. So far, he is my pick to take the whole thing. Dude has three purple hearts.

Count 'em.


He can kill you with a look.

Never mind the cane. It's a ruse. How do I know? If he actually needed the cane, the only likely reason would be to support the massive imbalance of weight on his left. Yet, the cane is in his right hand.  The only reasonable conclusion to draw: It's a clever ruse, AND the only weapon he really needs.

Some choice comments from connoisseurs at TAH:

NHSparky Says: Looks like Dr. Teeth from the Muppets.

TSO Says: Class A, red cravat, blue jeans. Totally SAT, but I don’t think the cane is authorized by AR 670

CI Says: Holy flippin’ hell….is that the .mil version of Bedazzling? He looks like a North Korean General.

SnowSoldierMedic Says: And despite his best efforts, no one is paying attention to him in that photo! Do you think this was going thru his head: “Once I go from six Bronze Stars to seven, people will really respect me!”?

Enigma 4 You Says: Oh fu**, Now Santa is going to get hit with stolen valor (ed. I cleaned this one)

And speaking of Santa, this one gets off a Detroit blast:

NHSparky Says: Well, there was that time Santa took fire and lost Blitzen coming into Detroit a few Christmases ago…

Shakes head. But, funny.

B Woodman Says: W — T — Ever lovin’ — M — F??!!! The most funny Epic Fail yet. Where WAS this reject from a peacock farm??!!

In the absence of a Stolen Valor law, ridicule can be highly effective.

Carry on TAH.