Monday, July 16, 2012

That seals it. I'm all in for "fracking"

I am lucky enough to be fast asleep by the time the Jimmy Fallon show airs. I missed this gem of self parody and cringewothy creepiness. Yoko Ono and son Sean Lennon singing a protest song, bemoaning the latest overblown environmental bug-a-boo, hydraulic fracturing:

Call me old fashioned, but son Sean singing a song in any way related to "fracking" his mom, while she prances around mutely with a globe, (a subtle "Mother Earth" reference dontchaknow) is just bizzare. What's hydraulic fracturing you ask. No. It's not what has apparently happened to the neurons in this duo's brains, it's well..this:

Dueling documentaries on the subject:

which is a response to this:

That's part 1 of Gasland. You'll have to find the others on your own.

More on the Frackin' hyperventilation from The Economist

And Yoko Ono, stuck in a rut, unchanged since the 60s reminds me:

1. that Heraclitus might have been wrong, and;
2. of the genius of "The Rutles":

The 60s. Impossible to parody.