Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

It's now the Summer Solstice, and time for the festivities. One of the worlds largest calendars is the site of an annual observance which attracts a variety of individuals, from the strange to Behold, from 2011:

And, in preperation for the 2012 event, we have THIS from English From the "Conditions of Entry" page of that site:
Please remember that you will not be allowed access to the Monument with the following items: - Large quantities of alcohol - Drugs - Large bags or rucksacks (or similar items) - Sleeping bags or duvets - Flaming torches, Chinese lanterns or candles - Dogs (with the exception of registered assistance dogs), pets or other creatures - Camping equipment, including foldaway chairs, garden furniture - BBQs or gas cylinders - Glass/bottles or other glass objects - Trolleys, wheel barrows or any other form of porterage - Pushchairs or buggies that are not exclusively used for a child
And, just to be sure you understand about the alcohol and drugs:
Only small amounts of alcohol for personal use will be permitted on to site. Alcohol is limited to no more than the equivalent of four 500ml cans of beer/cider or 75cl of wine. No further alcohol will be permitted on subsequent re-entry. Be warned, drug/alcohol cocktails can be lethal, so please be fully of aware of what you are doing. Illegal drugs are still illegal at Stonehenge as they are anywhere else. The police will be on site during the access period and will take immediate action against anyone breaking the law. Summer Solstice is not a good time to experiment with drugs - the crowd, the noise and the sheer size of the place are likely to make any bad reaction much, much worse. As much of the access is at night, if you had a bad reaction it may be difficult to locate you to administer treatment.
But, startlingly I see that absolutely no amplified music is allowed.
Stonehenge is a world renowned historic Monument and it is seen by many who attend as a sacred site. Amplified Music is inappropriate and will not be permitted.
So, that appears to rule out:

Shame really, because Nigel Tufnel knows the real story behind Stonehenge, and it doesn't involve aliens.

Brave Sir Julian is running Quito?

Well,  the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, at any rate. I'm sure they'll give his asylum request due consideration and then kick his Asschapeau out the door. Guess he'll have to go next door to the Cuban embassy next?  Eh?

Consider this:

Jemima Khan, one of several supporters to help put up Mr Assange's £200,000 bail, said on Twitter that she had expected him to face the allegations, adding: "I am as surprised as anyone by this".

Baroness Kennedy said that, as it was known exactly where Mr Assange was, his supporters would have a strong argument for getting their money back because bail was usually put up to prevent flight or to ensure attendance at court.

Over to the minstrels:

Dance Brave Sir Julian of the Pallid Complexion and Multi-hued Coif: