Friday, June 8, 2012

Vancouver to Tijuana

Needless to say, we graduate some wonderful people from the Naval Academy.  This year, Paul Luffel graduated. I was lucky enough to have him in my Philosophy through Film class, which he tolerated reasonably well. I suspect that was due to his ability to burn off any frustrations he may have had by trekking and biking all over the continental U.S. during the year.  So, what does he decide to do, now that he's graduated, and has some basket leave (a big chunk of time before he moves to his first duty station, that is)? More trekking, and he's photo blogging the whole thing.  He and two others are biking from Canada to Mexico over the course of the month of June.  Keep tabs on their progress HERE

It was thirty years ago today, Ron went to Westminster to say....

Thanks to Powerline, for a link to the WaPo editorial on this justifiably famous speech of Reagan's in the British Parliament, June 8 of 1982. Moral clarity about communism. Here's the entire speech: