Saturday, March 10, 2012

Laurie Anderson, Flight Attendant?

This STORY reminded me of

THIS..from the wayback machine...artsy fartsy performance art module..

Good thing it wasn't the Captain speaking eh?

Flea Market Find: "Class Book of Natural Theology" 1835

Only Five bucks, need to re-attach the front cover. Full Title:

The Class Book of Natural Theology


Common Schools,



With Numerous Engravings,

And A Copious List of Questions

By Rev. T.H. Gallaudet

Late Principal of the American Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb

Hartford Belknap and Hamersley

Our place in the cosmos.. astounding, even if you take into account only what we know about the stuff from which we (or our bodies, if you are a dualist) are constructed.

Put this on full screen HD, and enjoy. Some Terence Malick and other footage is used.

To sum up, and paraphrasing Carl Sagan: We are star-stuff.