Friday, February 24, 2012

The Sun is splitting open.

Yep. Really.

No reason to panic though. More info HERE.

The "Training Singularity" looms.

Naturally, any time a problematic incident occurs in a military institution, in order to forestall repetition of such incidents, training modules are created. These are either attended in a classroom setting, or reside on line. These are requirements. So, obviously, some amount of time must be used in order to satisfy these requirements. The latest incident in Afghanistan has, true to form, given rise to a training requirement, according to a reliable wiki-source I have in country.

OK I cannot stand it anymore. Parody time:

There is a direct proportionality between incidents such as this and required training. AKO or NKO look like those pages containing the constantly growing family of security patches you have to download from freaking Microsoft every other day. Except, in this case, we have a viral growth of PowerPoint presentations and an increasing number of minutes spent in said training.

If people would think about the 'training' implications before they did things, that might incur such obligations for others, perhaps they would stop and think before leaping into doing such things. Otherwise, we are on the precipice of the Training Singularity.

The Horror.

What is the Training Singularity?

I'm thinking there is some sort of critical mass being approached wherein, the total number of training minutes required, in order to patch/fix/prevent said incidents will catch up with and overtake total number of minutes available in the standard sidereal day, creating a circumstance such that every waking minute of every day will be taken up with either facilitating or attending such training. Call this the 'training saturation point.'

Upon arrival at the TSP, we will then begin to enter into the beginning developmental phase of the "training singularity". That is, a circumstance in which the following will eventuate, and become a permanent feature of institutional life:

1. When 'training saturation' is reached this follow-on train of events is bound to occur:

Due to the fact that all personnel are always facilitating or attending such training, no more incidents such as brought about the necessity of such first order training will occur.

However, over time, incidents will occur during training sessions, necessitating further training of a second order, that is; training concerning proper behavior during attendance of training sessions.

2. When this occurs, we will enter into a phase known as 'deficit training,' wherein each person will accrue more required training minutes than is logically possible for them to satisfy while in service, this being due to the fact that they are already completely involved in satisfying first order training minutes. They will, in effect be required to attend more than one training session at the same time, several times, indeed at all times. This, of course, is not possible.

3. It is at this point that the training requirements effectively take over control of the institutions in question. We will have arrived at the first phase of growth of the "training singularity."

In order to be counted as satisfying said training requirements, personnel will be required to submit promisory chits to the effect that they will take said training IF time permits.

Granted that it is not possible to find time for all such training while in the service, said promisory notes will effectively count for having completed said training of some higher order than is actually being undertaken during time available while in service.

However, upon leaving the service, personnel will have time to complete the training. So, at least part of that post service time will be taken up with satisfying the higher order training requirements, this being tied to receipt of benefits or pension.

4. This will give rise to the ultimate stage of development of the training singularity, for it will be the case that as older generations leave the service and die, younger generations, while replacing these folks already bound by said requirements, will constitute a much smaller force, due to built in attrition, driven by budgetary constraints.

There will be a continual and accelerated accrual of second order training, third order (training about proper behavior in training concerning training sessions), fourth order and so on..) training obligations for each individual in this smaller force.

5. At this point, it will become the case that training requirements obligate and tie up individuals not only during their biological lives, but afterward (assuming there is indeed life after biological death). This, is the ultimate stage of the training singularity. For higher order training requirements are bound to be accrued, even during post-biological life.

6. There is much argument concerning whether or not the obligations accrued during training singularity are satisfiable during eternity. Memos requesting clarification have been sent to the proper authorities. Policy modifications are pending the results of the queries.

[Sarc off]