Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Questions that need to be asked re: Afghanistan's outrage at U.S.

This "groundhog day" story induces head shaking and eye-rolling in me. I'll just be honest about that.

We bend over backwards to exhibit cultural sensitivity. BUT when something does happen, either inadvertently or not, all freaking hell breaks loose. Questions:

Question #1: Why the petulant and violent reactions to these sorts of incidents? Why is this the norm?

Q #2: Is apologizing for such incidents having any effect?

Q #3: Are we to simply accept that the burned Korans were burned by our people?

Q #4: Who were the Afghan 'rubbish collectors' and how do we know that they did not plant these things to incite the all too predictable outrage.

Q #5: Do these clodhoppers that say so REALLY want to bring back the good old days of the Taliban being the Afghan government such as it was? Really?

Q #6: What is the record for number of instances of the catch all phrase "Death to America"'s reported in a single news article?

I'm thinking this article set that record