Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Erstwhile friends the Paks are aiding the Taliban crime family???

In what is perhaps the most unexpected and shocking news of the day, NATO has found evidence to support.

Mind you, it's only raw un-analyzed data from thousands of interrogations we're talking about here. We wouldn't want to be hasty and draw any conclusions. Let's be careful here before we fly off the handle. The Paks might really be our bosom buddies. After all, their help has been so valuable to us in the past. [Sarc off]

Ed. Note: I just wanted an excuse to wield the mighty dramatic chipmunk again.

E-Readers v Wood Pulp books: Which are better?

Found this NPR piece on the subject via WOI FB edition earlier today.

It's easy for me. In terms of eye-strain, aesthetics, and being able to get a handle on the extent of your personal library, nothing beats old fashioned tree depleting books. You simply cannot replicate the 'feel' of an old volume in a battery operated electronic gizmo. Heck, even if you put a PDF of an illuminated Bible in an e-reader, that ain't the same thing as handling the real thing. You cannot replace the experience of wandering through stacks looking at spines, picking books out here and there, thumbing through them, putting them back.

This is not to say that there are not obvious advantages to e-reader books. When it comes to moving, you will receive no gripes from yourself, family, friends, movers, and overstressed vehicles groaning under the burden. Heck, you can even embed things in e-books that cannot be embedded in paper books. All kinds of gee-whiz special effects can be had.

Also not to say that one needs to entirely eschew the one for the other. Just sayin' that, all things considered, books are the better of the two.

Last word goes to Samuel T. Cogley, Attorney at Law: