Monday, December 19, 2011

Li'l Kim pushing up daisies

And, if there is a hell, he's got a reserve box seat. Good riddance.

Ho Hum. Another day at the office for the Lions

The 2011 MO. Play crappy ball for 3 4/5ths of game. Get behind by at least two scores, wake up, mount improbable come from behind in waning minutes. Darth Raider shocked.

This week: Excellent clock management during the last 5 minutes of the game allowed the Lions plenty of time to score two TDs to take the lead.

Janakowsi sets up for a 65 yard FG in last seconds, after the Lions had taken a one point lead thanks to extra point, first thing I think: 'Tom Dempsy redux. The Lions set the old record of 63 yards in 1970, a record now shared by Dempsy and Janakowski. J will set the new one. Hey. It's the Lions'

BUT no. 9-5, playoffs within reach.

Over to you Opera Man Lions fan: