Friday, December 16, 2011

More Hitchens: Hitch and Victor Davis Hanson take on WWII Revisionism

Namely, Pat Buchanan's and Niall Ferguson's interpretations of that war.

Chris Hitchens will be missed.

A principled man of the Left, and the West. Able debater, atheist, and man of letters. Let me reiterate and emphasise MAN OF THE WEST.

His defense of western liberalism was on par with Churchill's in rhetorical and rational force.

Some of his best:

Defense of the West:

Views on Religion:

and Intelligent Design:


On Israel:

On Ayn Rand:

The Tea Party:

On his Leftist critics:

On Micheal Moore:

On Iraq:

and Iran:

On his death:

It really should go without saying that you will not agree with him every time, on every topic, but his voice was well worth hearing. Well informed, and challenging. He will be sorely missed.

Where was this acerbic new-media savvy McCain in 2008?

This is just wonderful. McCain and Putin are in a Twitter-War.

I score it a win for McCain. Pexflexin' Pootie seems to be in paranoid bunker mode.

Putin had delivered a 4 1/2 hour rant on Russian TV, answering questions during a call-in show, and touched on a whole host of topics: Among them were McCain..

Hey, at least when Pootie-poot delivers multi-hour harangues, he takes questions from the audience. Castro might try that.

So, what was his sage analysis of Sen. McCain?

“He has a lot of blood of peaceful civilians on his hands. He must relish and can’t live without the disgusting, repulsive scenes of the killing of Gadhafi,” Putin said of McCain, referring to the Arizona Republican’s role as a combat pilot and prisoner of war in Vietnam.

“Mr. McCain was captured in Vietnam and they kept him not just in prison, but in a pit for several years,” Putin added. “Anyone [in his place] would go nuts.”

McCain as baby killer sadist. Boy, that's original Vlad. What, did you confab with Jane Fonda before you lobbed that salvo?

So, of course McCain responds:

Sen. John McCain responded to Russian President Vladimir Putin calling him “nuts” Thursday with a simple tweet: “Dear Vlad, is it something I said?”

What set off the tirade from the shirtless bear wrestling wonder?

McCain had goaded Putin last week, declaring in another tweet: “Dear Vlad, The #ArabSpring is coming to a neighborhood near you.” He followed that post up with a speech on the Senate floor in which he expressed similar sentiments. In October, he had said Gadhafi’s killing should make “dictators” like Putin “nervous.”

In other Vlad news, Putin strains mightily at humor as he reacts to domestic protesters:

According to the Telegraph, he mocked the protesters and said he thought the white ribbons they had pinned to their clothing as a sign of peace were condoms.

“I decided that it was an anti-AIDS campaign…that they pinned on contraceptives, I beg your pardon, only folding them in a strange way,” he said.

Epic fail there Bizzaro World Prez Pooty-poot. Pretty soon we may be replacing the "Downfall" video rants with riffs on yours: