Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Boy is this getting old.. U.S. to "freeze" 700 billion that was to go to our erstwhile friends the Paks.

According to this story

Risible reporting and reactions from Islamabad. It's all about how we hurt them and gave them boo boos. Seriously:

The latest move by the United States may only further hurt ties with Pakistan and contribute to the growing sense of anti-Americanism in the population, a senior Pakistani official told NBC News. The relationship between the two counties suffered greatly in May when US forces killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

Notice the reportage: The relationship suffered when we did something. We are the active. The Paks are the passive. They are vulnerable recipients of our abuse. We had the temerity to kill Uncle Binny. Really was bad form.

That reportage reflects the sources in Pak. Once again, from the report:

After news of the US cut in aid, members of the Pakistani government immediately said this will further hurt the relationship between the US and Pakistan.

What a risible statement.

Once again, the hurting of the relationship is painted as primarily a result of our doing. No mention is made of the 'doings' of the Pak ISI, military, etc..

And, as if to diminish the import of the cut..er..freeze, and perhaps convince the reader the U.S. isn't going to accomplish much via the 'freeze' in aid we are ambiguously reassured of this:

Pakistan is one of the largest recipients of US foreign aid. The cutback announced by Congress on Tuesday is only a small portion of the billions in civil and military assistance the country receives each year, Reuters reported.

Reportage of Reportage from Goiters..er..Reuters. NBC earlier, Goiters now.

Ok. Like I said, it is somewhat ambiguous. Is this 700 mil a small portion of the annual aid given by U.S. sources, or from all sources? Probably "all" because as near as I can figure, from my extensive research in Googling, we send about 1.5 billion a year to our erstwhile chums, the Paks. That's roughly a bit less than half of our annual 2011 figure. That ain't no 'small portion' Clyde. So, it must be the case that all of the other friends of Pakistan pony up aid that significantly outweighs that loss. The Saudis, for instance, give a sizeable chunk.

And, no doubt the Paks are making contingency plans for doing without our largess, relying more and more on the Chinese, for instance.

As far as this 'freeze' business goes. It's weak tea: It (obviously) is tenuous, temporary, and certainly gives the appearance of the USG looking for an excuse or pretext to turn the spigot back on. That sends the wrong signal. Business as freaking usual. It doesn't take a CFR genius to see that the Paks will play us again, do some perfunctory anti-terror and ammonium nitrate smuggling interdiction, just enough to make us think they are doing something, just enough to get the money flowing again, rinse, repeat, yet again. The Eternal Return of the Same.

And, if we decide not to go the 'battered ally syndrome' route? They're prepping for that. They can replace the funding, or it appears they believe they can do so without too much trouble.

So, what do we do? Have done with the whole messy business. Cut 'em off permanently. Get REAL chummy with India. Yep. That's the ticket.

OTR Christmas Mix via the Buck Benny Podcast

Great playlist culled from various OTR radio shows, Bing Crosby, Phil Harris/Alice Faye, Jack Benny's Dennis Day, and Dinah Shore among others. Here's the playlist:

Track List
01 Bing and Lindsay Crosby - GI Silent Night Before Christmas
02 Alice Faye - Santa Clause is Coming to Town 1950-12-24.mp3
03 The Sportsmen - Christmas Elevator 1950-12-17.mp3
04 Bing and Gary Crosby - Jingle Bell Jive (SamSong Mix) 1950
05 Judy Garland - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp3
06 Bing Crosby and Jimmy Stewart - Baby it's cold outside 1949
07 Dinah Shore - A Merry American Christmas 1941-12-21
08 Bing and Peggy Lee - Silver Bells 1950-12-13.mp3
09 The Kingsmen - Christmas Story 1944-12-19.mp3
10 Dennis Day - Christmas in Kilarnay 1950-11-12.mp3
11 Bing Crosby - White Christmas 1946-12-18.mp3
12 Phil Harris - Jingle Bells 1951-12-23.mp3
13 Eddie Cantor-The Only Thing I Want For Christmas.mp3
14 Lindsay Crosby - What I want for Christmas 1951-12-19.mp3
15 Larry Stevens - Let It Snow, Let It Snow 1946-02-17 (ep 574)
16 Bing Crosby and Judy Garland - Rudolph Jive 1950.mp3
17 Dennis Day - Frosty the Snowman 1951-11-25 (ep 784).mp3
18 Bing, Gary and the Crosby Family-That Christmas Feeling
19 The Kingsmen - What Do I Want For Christmas 1941-12-23.mp3
20 The Sportsmen - Yule Train 1949-12-25 (ep 713).mp3
21 Bing Crosby - Santa Clause is coming to town and Chestnuts 1946
22 Skylarks - Winter Weather 1954-12-24.mp3
23 Bing Crosby - Jingle Bells (Skitch Mix) 1946-12-25.mp3
24 Doris Day - Santa Claus coming to town - Bob Hope Show - 1949
25 Dinah Shore - Happy Christmas Little Friend 1954-12-22
26 Gene Autry - 32 Feet and Eight Little Tails.mp3
27 Jack Benny Christmas Medly 1944-12-24.mp3

From the always reliable OTR source Buck Benny.