Monday, November 28, 2011

Joe Kapp extends olive branch; fight ensues.

At a CFL reunion. Grudges hold on...

For those of us old enough to remember, Kapp was the Vikings QB pre and post Francis Asbury Tarkenton.

The origins of this fight reach back to his CFL days. In the 1963 Grey Cup, he refused to shake this guy's hand, believing he had inflicted a dirty hit on one of Kapp's fellow B.C. Lions.

Unfortunately for the Lions, they were forced to deal with injuries to both Sonny Homer and Ron Morris. Making matters worse was a questionable hit by Hamilton’s Angelo Mosca against B.C.’s Willie Fleming which knocked him out of the game with a concussion late in the first half. The Lions claimed Fleming was already down along the sidelines when Mosca made contact; the Ticats on the other hand believed it was a legal tackle. Either way, the Lions had to play the remainder of the game without their star offensive player.

the 1969 Vikes, and Kapp: