Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Brave Sir Julian Update from the Schadenfreude Brauhus

Brave Sir Julian Asschapeau, the Knight of the Pallid Complexion and Multi-Hued Coif is one step closer to being extradited to the "Saudi Arabia of Feminism" would be Sweden.

Here is the story, as told by those-that-bite-the-hand-of-their-feeder..erstwhile feeder, that is, the NYT.

You can really tell they are biting that hand by the way they write up this allegedly straight news story. Not exactly as NEWS per se. They indulge in not-so-subtle editorial padification, as they have since the much covered break up of the couple. Hell hath no fury like that of a scorned NYT. Dig it:

As his legal battles spanned half a dozen court appearances, across three courthouses, Mr. Assange has given dozens of interviews with the rolling country estate as a backdrop. He has condemned Sweden’s strict sexual crimes laws, calling the country “the Saudi Arabia of feminism” and compared himself to the civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.

Note, the slight digs. He sets up his press appearances against the manoral backdrops. They play up his laughable comparison of Sweden to Saudi, himself to MLK. Not that there is anything wrong with this padification of course. It just adds some distinctive hops to the brew for those of us who were never fans of this detestable little man in the first place. Some more NYT editorial padification for your edification:

Protesters, and celebrity supporters like the socialites Jemima Khan and Bianca Jagger, and the journalist John Pilger, have often conflated the case with a battle for free speech. Mr. Assange himself has hinted darkly that government forces might be behind the allegations of sexual wrongdoing as a means of silencing him.

Back a few years ago, before their falling out with Brave Sir Julian, would the Times have considered describing the celebrity reaction to this case as a "conflation" with free speech "battles"? Would they have gone our of their way to point out the tin-foil hat Assange has been prominently donning?




Hops to the Schadenfreude Ale.

Can you imagine the treatment if he were a conservative?