Monday, October 24, 2011

The latest from the Princeton Review SAT Analogies Division/

Pop Culture and Politics Department/John Candy film oeuvre working group:

The Clown is to Uncle Buck as

Hahmid Karzai is (or should be) to the U.S.

"In the field of live home entertainment I'm a god!"

"Get in your mouse and get out of here."

Brave Sir Julian and Wikileaks - Cashstrapped.

Aww. What a pity.

Looks like Asschapeau will have to get creative in his fundraising:

Assange argued that the financial boycott that began nearly 11 months ago was politically motivated and had left WikiLeaks surviving “almost entirely” on cash reserves.

Kristinn Hrafnsson, a spokesman for WikiLeaks, said that before the boycott began in late 2010, the average monthly donation to WikiLeaks exceeded 100,000 Euros. Since them. Hrafnsson said, monthly contributions have plummeted to between 6,000 and 7,000 Euros.

Friendly advice. If you want to raise serious, you're going to have to do something a bit more attention grabbing than, say, the typical NPR/PBS pledge drive. Running Peter Paul and Mary concerts for the umpteenth time won't do it. You've got to tap into the hipster youth movement, or at the very least, the more mainstream entertainment milieu.

But, who do I think I am talking to? Brave Sir Julian needs no advice from me. He is the very embodiement of hipster pallid chic. He knows what to do....


Mark my words. After Chaz Bono and the current crop of celebs flame out on Dancing with the Stars, Brave Sir Julian is next in line. He's primed.

And, Billy Idol called. He STILL wants his hair back Asschapeau.