Friday, October 7, 2011

Great time to be a Detroit sports fan

Tigers move on to play the Rangers in the ALCS thanks to surviving the Evil Empire's comeback, thwarted by Papa Grande's unusual three up, three down, 9th inning, and masterful use of the pitching staff by Jim Leyland.

And the Lions are 4-0 heading into their first Monday Night tilt since 19 and 99.

Time to break out the fight songs.

First, the Tigers (from 1968)

And, hopefully NOT jinxing things before the fact, over to you Opera Man Lions Fan:

And, since the Wings start tonight. Over to you 70s pop song disco dude.

"Red Wings My Red Wings"

Make it a triple crown for the D guys!

Freitag funnies from the Occupy Wall Street and Washington proto-revolutions.

Some nuggets.

First, aged and pining-for-the-world-revolution-since-the-60s Marxist Francis Fox Piven engages in some green hectoring, apparently. Can't be seen using those bullhorns or other devices concocted by the eeevil corporations, so we'll resort to 'call and response.'

Who are they calling out?

Wall Street. "The Center of the NeoLiberal cancer." Heck of a way to frame things there Piven. Throw in the phrase 'neoliberal' so the conservative yahoos or those rubes in flyover country unaware of conservative Sith mind-control tricks think you are on their side. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Who is Piven? Well, a well known academic decidedly from the left. She believes we all should be given a living wage by the government, and the best way to get there is to overload extant welfare systems, by adding programs and adding to their rolls of recipients, which overload will create enough unrest that the pined for REVOLUTION will occur. Here's a good taste of her mode of thought; from back a few decades. She had bigger hair, and came up on the short side in this debate with Milton Friedman.

She's also not averse to using violence for progressive ends, because she sees the government today as being closely analogous to 60s era governments enforcing segregationist and racist policies. Because they are doing such things, at the behest of the eevil corporations, violent responses by contemporary progressives are as morally justifiable now as they were back then for black Americans. (At least that's what I can distill from this meandering and somewhat vague response to a question from the audience at some talk she did back in 2004, supplied via C-Span.)

She does not consider that the Deacons for Defense set up for defense after all, and never took to the offense. Then again, it's not altogether clear that she would draw a clear distinction between defense and offense. She seems prone to reading the mere existence of the government and our economic system as being somehow inherently an attack on the populace, and thus active and beligerent by nature and therefore just like the hose and baton wielding police in the 60s south. If so, then it's not clear that she would disapprove offensive operations against government buildings, people, etc, not to mention corporate interests. After all, it would simply be defending against their blows. Once again, hard to tell how far she would go, how far she thinks revolutionaries are permitted to go down the road of violence. This is a studied vagueness I believe.):

OK enough of the paleo-marxists. What about the youngins?

Dig this cat, someone with a vocabulary, and a resume akin to Piven's Chris Hedges. His basic thesis as stated in the video: There is a very small oligarchy that wants to reduce the middle class and poor to a state of having no rights and being peasants in a feudal society of which they are the lords.

(Oh. And Trader Joe's is in on that conspiracy. They rely on slaves to pick tomatoes.)

This interview is interminable, but you'll get the full aroma and flavor looking at the first bit. In short, Hedges is another marxist who sniffs (or hopes desperately) that the revolution is JUST AROUND THE CORNER and these massive and spontaneous ;-) protests are the proverbial linstock (or at least the latest would-be linstock), always being pined for be these true believers, that linstock that will finally set things off, and bring about the World Revolution (t):

I know, I know. This guys ain't all that young. He's not from Piven's generation, but still comfortably ensconced in his middle career, no doubt. He has quite the resume, and is probably raking in the book royalties. So, he's an anti-capitalist capitalist. They're a dime a dozen these days.

What about the real youngins; you know, those who have yet to launch the career (anti-capitalist capitalist or otherwise)?

Well (via CDR Salamander) by way of one of my always reliable WikiSources, here's a couple being interviewed by Adam Kokesh, who's political orientation seems to be some version of libertarianism. He's an anti-Iraq war vet, and he hangs out with noted attention addict (she's glad she's noted) and anti-war activist Medea Benjamin and her merry band of Code Pinkos. More on his somewhat checkered past is HERE Just to be clear. Because I post this guy's video does not mean that I endorse his whole corpus. Nor does all he says here pass the smell test. But, this is some pretty funny stuff:

The whispy-light-on-the-muttonchops kid in the ascot is gold, 24 carat.

But wait! There's more! Here are some of the proto-revolutionaries (young and old) in their own words, complete with some more call and respond. Guys, megaphones are green too ya know...

Pining away for that mass simultaneous World Revolution (t), just like Piven, just like Hedges.

And, of course, what would a proto-revolutionary protest be without the obligatory drop in by anti-capitalist capitalist celebrities? First up, Susan Sarandon:

which can only mean one thing. Tim Robbins ain't far behind, shedding antiseptic light upon the phony balony tea party movement, which is in fact a sinister astroturfing job by the nefarious Koch I mean corporations. You know, THEM:

Oops. Wrong clip. I meant this one. Tea Party. NOT Team America..

and, Mikey the Hutt, via the medium of (you guessed it) call and respond, addresses the throngs:

How long will this go on? Until the weather turns.

Until then - comedy gold.