Thursday, September 1, 2011

Q and A: What is the only good thing about George Lucas’ latest tinkering with Return of the Jedi?

For those that don’t know, that would be referring to this clip from the throne room scene, wherein Darth Vader throws Emperor Palpatine under the bus…er…Death Star, because he can’t bear seeing Mark Hamill in pain.

Lucas thought it advisable to insert Vader yelling “no.” like he insisted Vader did in the second of his more recent prequels that should have never been filmed. This latest “no” is only a little less Shatneresque in its intensity than the original:

Answer to question: Because this altered scene is teetering very closely on the edge of silliness, if not plummeting into that yawning abyss, it naturally brings to mind similar things we are all familiar with (at least those of us who spend too much time surfing the intertubes.
You’ve all heard of the LOL Cats, right? “Oh Noes!” Right? And you’ve all heard of, or seen the dramatic chipmunk.

Also, you are all quite aware of Leeroy Jenkins.

There are other nuggets floating around in the intertubes, and on YouTube, but I cannot remember them all. (Ok, one more: All your base are Belong to Us)

These are examples of things called “memes” a term coined by famed fulminating atheist Richard Dawkins. More particularly they are “internet memes.”
So, it being the case that Star Wars is already a ripe source of memes, I think it’s safe to say that tinkering with the movies, and redistributing said tinkering with each innovation in video technology, be it blue ray, or green ray, three-dee ray, smell-o-vision HD or whatever new thing comes along, increases SW’s liability to mining for memes. Star wars is Grand Central for Internet Meme Fodder. Move over International Monetary Fund, the new IMF has moved in, and it is only going to get better the more Lucas insists on tinkering.

It is therefore incumbent upon people with the necessary video or graphical skills to insure that this actually does occur. Like all good agents of Meme spread and natural selection, such highly skilled people must create these creatures, and pass them to other hosts through the medium of the message…er…intertubes…er…www….you know what I mean.
Surely, if it hasn’t already been done, someone can provide the YouTube, blueray HD “Oh Noes!!!!” LOL Cats Darth throwing Palpatine under the Death Star redo. That would be an improvement over the latest from Lucas.

Who can provide “Dramatic Ewok?” complete with the “Young Frankenstein” musical bit? Indeed, isn’t it already in the works? Wouldn't that make the whole silly Ewok thing a bit easier to take?

How about the Rebel Alliance, planning the attack on the Death Star, rendered ala Leeroy Jenkins?

Oh wait, that one’s been done:

How about Keyboard Cat playing off the Evil Emperor? You know, intercut with the actual scene. I think it would work better without the “noooooo!” But hey, who am I, George Lucas?

In short, through “crowd sourcing” it seems entirely possible to meme-ify the entire Star Wars Corpus, even if only one film at a time. An easy first target would be the Return of the Jedi. Move over Robot Chicken and Family guy..

Go Navy. Beat Delaware! True. True.

Let football season begin.