Thursday, August 11, 2011

Facebook Funnies: the Jaws App for Android

The "Jaws" (first movie, as if there were any other) Facebook page posts about a Jaws App, a game for Android cell phones...

Hilarity ensues in the comments section.

My contribution: "You're gonna need a bigger cellphone"


I think I'm going to ignore this particular app until it swims up and bites my phone on the ass.

Don't you worry chief, the game won't be permanent. Boo boo boom!

I want whoever made this app, to be Hung-up by their buster browns!

Little app comes out of the cave...swims into the hole...comes out of the hole...goes back into the cave again. It's not to good is it Chief?

With this App you get the head, the tail the whole damn thing!

Back home we got a computer app man. He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him!

Take this stuff back to the office and get to work on those signs. "App sucks - Don't Download. By order of the Amity PD." And let Polly do the printing.

Mr Vaughn, what we are dealing with here is a perfect app, an app machine. Its really a miracle of evolution. All this app does is steal your money, get played, and make baby apps, and that's all. Now take a look at this sign. Those proportions are correct. Love to prove that, wouldn't ya? Get your name into National Appgraphic.

And of course......

That's some bad app Harry.

Eternal return or the 'last cyclic'?

At some point in the economic/political life of a culture, as it cycles through periods of growth, and periods of decline, a downturn occurs, the dynamic tension (for lack of a better metaphor) of trust that holds that society, that economy, that political entity together, is broken, and the cycle ends, as does the civilization, culture or order. All civilizations are essentially fabrics of trust. Such fabric can be rent. It may or may not be replaced by something else. It may be centuries before an order of similar complexity will evolve. Obvious historical case; the demise of the Roman world order, so ably described by Augustine and other classical writers.

It being the Reagan Centenary this year, I've been perusing video of the 40th President.  This video of his pivotal 1964 speech in support of the Goldwater campaign brings to mind the quasi-Nietzschean metaphysic, and similarly intended Biblical verse as well. It also brings up the question titling this post, when one gives regard to the recurrent themes of debt ceilings, deficit spending, governmental provisioning of welfare, vandalism, loss of civic connection, and civilizational survival. All of these played a part in the eventual dissolution of the Roman order. Are we similarly poised now?