Friday, August 5, 2011

Empirical test for multiple universe theory?

Or, as I prefer to refer to it The Pan-Cosmic Lava Lamp theory. Earlier, while wrestling with some obscure material with the sage of Konigsberg I argued that a particular 'infinitized' version (if you will) of this theory is the Grand Poobah King of all non-falsifiable explanatory hypotheses. That doesn't mean though that an empirical test for a 'finitized' or localized version cannot be rigged. Behold this brief story from the "Daily Galaxy"

Sanka freeze dried version:

If the lava lamp model is correct, then, like real lava lamps, the blob-universes will occasionally bump into each other, especially when first bubbling up, creating detectable universe wide ripple effects in each blob, radiating out along their surfaces. From the inside of a universe, this would apparently look like "disk like" patterns in the cosmic microwave background radiation.

So far, nothing like this has been detected, but the Planck Telescope (in orbit) may be able to see the ripples. Maybe. We'll see, say the cosmologists in the story. But, those of us on the outside will have to wait until 2013. Thus sayeth this version of the story from..