Friday, July 22, 2011

Free interactive movies with a moral.

Honest!  There are four of them, and they are all absolutely free downloads, from the Stockdale Center website (maintained by yours truly). They are zipped files. All you need to do is download to desktop (two minutes or so with a decent connection), unzip (might take a few minutes), open up the resulting folder, and click the flashplayer icon.

These are a library of interactive simulations, basically movies that give you (the main character) a series of choices. Each decision has ramifying consequences, that can lead to quite different endings, much like the 'choose your adventure' books from the eighties, if you remember those.

These were crafted from some training vids put out by the Navy a few years back. They were retooled a bit to present some ethical challenges that are likely to be run up against by enlisted folks and, in the case of one of the sims, junior officers.  My favorite is "the Weekend." One of the endings is hysterical. See if you can find it.

These are productions of the Stockdale Center and WILL Interactive Films.

The Center and WILL have also collaborated with DHHS Office of Research Integrity on a project concerning research ethics at universities, and with Myer Consulting Engineers on guessed it.. engineering ethics film, with the catchy title "The Engineer."