Monday, July 11, 2011

Erstwhile friends Paks to Panetta: You can tell us where Zawahri is, honest. We're with you.

A story from the 'you gotta be freaking kidding dept.

Pakistani called on the United States on Sunday to share information about new al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri after U.S. Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said he believed that Osama bin Laden's successor was in Pakistan.
During his first trip to Kabul on Saturday as Pentagon chief, Panetta said he believed that the new al Qaeda leader was living in Pakistan's lawless tribal belt on the Afghan border.

The Pakistani military said its troops were already carrying out "intense operations" against al Qaeda and its affiliates as well as "terrorists leadership" and high value targets (HVTs) who pose a threat to Pakistan's security.

"We expect U.S. intelligence establishment to share available information and actionable intelligence regarding Al Zawahri and other HVTs with us, enabling Pakistan Army to carry out targeted operations," a military spokesman said in a statement.

You have top men working on it?


TOP men...

Why would we even question?

Pakistan publicly criticises drone strikes and often demands the United States provide intelligence on militant leaders hiding in its tribal regions so it can take action against them.

However, there have been persistent suspicions in Washington that Pakistani intelligence agencies maintain ties with these militants.

U.S. media last month reported that Panetta confronted Pakistan with evidence that militants had vacated bomb-making factories in Waziristan after the Unites States shared intelligence with Pakistan, suggesting that it had tipped off the insurgents.

The Pakistan army denied the reports.

Oh. well. Then, everything's alright isn't it? Over to you Bugs: