Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our erstwhile friends the Paks receive a surprise visit from the restaurant inspector

From CIA chief, soon to be SECDEF, Panetta, using a tried and true technique of restaurant inspectors everywhere. Send in a secret shopper, collect the dirt, then show up unanounced, knock on the door, and watch the scrambling commence.  This story is unintentionally hilarious. A mixture of almost British understatement from our folks, and Capt. Louis Renault / Bagdhad Bob-esque denials by various Paks.

The funnier bits:

C.I.A. director Leon E. Panetta took an unannounced trip to Pakistan on Friday to confront the leader of the Pakistani intelligence service, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, over accusations that Pakistani government had tipped of militants staging an attack in Afghanistan, the New York Times reports.

This was the evidence of collusion presented: the C.I.A. had alerted the Pakistanis about the existence of two bomb-making facilities several weeks ago and asked them to raid the locations. One of the locations, according to the Telegraph, was operated by al-Qaeda. But when the Pakistani Army showed up, the militants were gone, which made the C.I.A. suspicious that the militants had warning from someone on the Pakistani side. “The targets seem to have been tipped off,” an American official told the Times. “There are indications that some senior Pakistani officials aren’t happy about it, and neither are we, of course.”
Ya Think??  Wait...It gets better. Gettaloadathis:

A senior Pakistani official said on Saturday that Pakistan was not suspicious that the bomb makers had disappeared, because “extremist groups often move locations.” But then he added that “now that the U.S. side has drawn our attention to the possibility of the Taliban being tipped off between the day the intelligence was shared and the day of our military action, we will work on finding out what happened.”
Sure you will Clyde. Sure you will. How freaking stupid do you think we are? This isn't even a D effort at plausible deniability Bagdhad Bob. 

I have a semi-conspiratorial reading of this, and if it's accurate, I'm really liking Panetta. 

Not that we needed to gather any more evidence of the Pak cozy relationship with AQ, but, I suspect that Panetta decided we needed some fresh evidence, so he set them up, passing the info, knowing full well that the tip off would occur, and also knowing full well that he'd drop in for an inspection. This gives us room to basically tell the Paks where to get off as we increase our presence in their country, whether they like it or not.

Nicely done SECDEF. Nicely done.
I'm liking the combination of Panetta at DOD and Petraeus at CIA, coming at our erstwhile friends in Pakistan and other places.  Oh yes. I'm sure these two are having very interesting conversations. Creative problem solving skills kicked into overdrive.