Friday, May 27, 2011

Congratulations to USNA Class of 2011

Watch the graduation of USNA Class of 2011 here. No embed is possible unfortunately. Click, and WMP should fire up. Congrats to Ethics Team members Ashelyn McConnell,  Jeff Heckelman, the former, a great co-captain, and calm voice of reason, the latter very funny, and with a gift for coming up with, how shall I put this, "creative" solutions to ethics bowl cases! Also, to some folks I had the pleasure of having in my "Philosophy Through Film" class, (and some in my other class, how you all could stand it for a complete year, I'll never know), Brittney Boucher, Lauren Chellis, Ben Clay, Morgan Dahl, Gaylan Greenawalt, Jamie Ireland, Jason Kremers, Jennifer Nielson, Hunter Rogers, Ryan Shipley, Kristen Steinbach, Travis Swiatocha, Zach Thrasher, Robert Vann, and, Jaci Muslin, who is to blame for making me come up with the Philosophy Through Film course in the first place!

 Fair winds and following seas folks, it has been an honor.