Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mexico's Bagdhad Bob moment..

Found THIS story via THIS post at NRO.

The B-Bob moment:

Marisela Morales, Mexico’s top prosecutor, and federal police spokesman Alejandro Poire read a statement but did not take questions from reporters....

...“The Mexican government is in control of Tamaulipas,” Poire said.

Reasons to be concerned Mexico may not be "in control":

1. Tamaulipas is 90 miles south of Brownsville.

2. At least 183 bodies have been dug up at 40 different sites around a town called San Fernando

3. 17/25ths of San Fernando's police force were arrested in a group of 74 suspects in these slayings.

4. They are killing people headed to the U.S. in buses (legally?)

5. Federal police have rescued 122 kidnap victims in three different places in the state of Tamaupilas.

6. If you thought San Fernando was close, try Reynosa, just across the Rio Grande from McAllen Texas. What's going on there? 119 people were being held by drug gangs. Oh, and 6 police officers were arrested, in cahoots with the cartel.

7. Amongst the kidnapped: "18 Central American migrants and six Chinese nationals."

To understate: this border state looks to be seriously compromised as a legitimate political unit of the federal government of Mexico, a violent no-go-land.

This is no doubt attractive to those that wish to profit from the drug wars, so that they may fund their own wars against U.S. allies.

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