Monday, March 14, 2011

Blogger on the Fritz?

Noticed none of the Blogger blogs I link are working coming up when clicked. Mine as well. I find a backdoor way in however to post this observation. Can post, just cannot navigate to the blog itself afterwards unless I take that circuitous route in.

What gives?

UPDATE: All better now.

What does the acronym "NPR" stand for?

According to the reliably funny Henry Payne of the Detroit News.."National Patronizing Radio"

This, in light of the less than favorable news of late emanating from the realm of that (partially) state sponsored broadcasting entity, vis their apparent opinion of a goodly portion of the tax paying public who, it so happens, less than voluntarily pay the bills of NPR, their betters.

This whole fiasco reminds me just a bit of something NPR did back in '88, for the 50th anniversary of the 1938 Orson Welles War of the Worlds broadcast. NPR put together an updated and entertaining version, starring Jason Robards.

Firesign Theatre's David Ossman (who, if you peruse the linked blog, like recently axed exec, Schiller, has a very low opinion of the 'tea party' and an especially odious and even lower opinion of special ops folks. Yep. Servicemen. He don't like 'em. Dave..yer a tool even if Nick Danger was a masterpiece) helped script the thing so it sounded appropriately pretentiously NPR, complete with a cosmic music drenched "Stardrift" stargazers report from "the Great Blue Hill Observatory," and breathy DJ Terry Gross presenting a "vintage" music program, sponsored by "investment quality running shoes in a meditative environment." Skywalker Ranch did sound. Douglas Edwards, Scott Simon and Steve Allen joined Gross in the fun. Like I said, it pokes fun at NPR, and is entertaining, even getting a GHW Bush sound alike to make an appearance, just as an FDR sound alike had made an appearance in the 1938 broadcast.

Seems now that NPR has lost the ability to make fun of itself, but has developed a disdain for (some of) the bill paying rubes they are vainly trying to enlighten, eh? What's that old cliche about biting hands that feed? No matter. If Schiller is correct, NPR really doesn't need that funding anyway. A lion's share comes from corporate sponsors, and pledge drives. No worries.