Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And in other news on the UK division of the grand Zionist conspiracy: Iranian regime proves Jewish conspiracy behind the London Olympics.

It's in the logo folks, in the logo.

Iran may boycott the games. No word yet on whether this blockbuster information has anything to do with Brave Sir Julian's super sekrit stash of documents.

Looks like Little Enos has been very very busy (with the help of Big Enos of course).

Brave Sir Julian blames the Jews.

Seriously. The vast Jewish conspiracy, UK division, Guardian newspaper branch. to be as specific as possible.

Yes, that Guardian paper, well known friend of Israel.

Yes, THAT Guardian newspaper that was once a willing partner, along with the New York Times, in Brave Sir Julian's efforts to damage the United States. They had the unmitigated gaul to cross sir Julian, vis his sexual peccadillo.

Sheesh. Do a bit o' Googlin or Yahooin' or Bingin' there Knight of the Pallid
Complexion and Multi-Hued Coif. You don't usually accomplish much swimming upstream against evidence.

But, being the international man of mystery that he is, perhaps our gallant knight has some super sekrit stash of incriminating documents proving this blockbuster claim.

'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' maybe? Is this the alleged "nuke" of information he is always threatening to unleash?

I think this may qualify as Asschapeau's "jump the shark" moment.

As for that Alex Jones tinfoil hat the Pallid knight is evidently sportin'..over to you Chief Brody: