Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another anti-military shibboleth shot down

Myth slayer McIntyre is at it again.

Myth in question: Super Bowl Flyover in Arlington cost buku bucks that would have otherwise not been spent. Bunkum. So sayeth McIntyre.

There is only one fair way to measure this, and that is to calculate the incremental additional costs over the fixed cost. In other words, while there are real costs to operating a F-18, the question is how much extra was spent sending the planes to Texas for the Super Bowl?

The Navy’s answer is that fuel was the only extra expense, above and beyond the normal daily operating costs. But that’s not even a real cost, unless by not conducting the flyover, that fuel would have been saved. The fact is the squadron has a budget for training, including fuel, and that money is spent whether the planes fly over the Super Bowl, or fly over the Atlantic Ocean.