Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From Kings of War: Netwar meets Oprah: The Wikileaks Files, Volume whatever..

This simply cannot be improved upon as a fitting précis of the Wikileak affair. You just gotta' love the Sanka freeze dried versions of the 'startling revelations'. Spot on hysterical

Netwar meets Oprah: The Wikileaks Files, Volume whatever

At some point KOW also makes the acute observation that the end result of the leaks seems to have been to show that the U.S. is very much what it purports to be, a basically decent nation that takes its role as the peace keeper and policeman of the world quite seriously, but also kind of bumbles and fumbles along as it deals with the complexities of the world, oh, and its military is a tremendously admirable and moral organization.

Sucks to find our your startling revelations work at cross-purposes with your dime-store Marxist anti-Americanism doesn't it Brave Sir Julian?

OTR Christmas: The Other Wise Man, from the Family Theatre

The story of Artaban the Mede. By Henry Van Dyke. His knowledge of the Zoroastrian religion is on display in this fine story of the nativity.

THE OTHER WISE MAN 1949-12-14 Click to listen or download.