Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To quote Rob Riggle: HIPPIES!!

THIS of course is utterly and completely predictable.

Bob Meola, the peace and justice commissioner who wrote the resolution, said Manning is a patriot and should get a medal.


OTR Christmas: "Quiet Please" 1945 Berlin

Berlin, 1945. (Click to listen or download)

"Good afternoon. This is Wyllis Cooper. The "Quiet, Please" story we're bringing you today is a Christmas story that many of our listeners have asked us to repeat this year. And though Christmas actually was yesterday, after all it's still Christmas today, isn't it?

This was Christmas day three years ago -- Christmas 1945, in a ruined house in Berlin, Germany. Five soldiers around a table beginning their Christmas dinner."

"Yes, I suppose you could say I'm a displaced person."
- The Stranger

Navy Chaplains are not jack-wagon jockies from namby-pamby land

R. Lee Ermey may have issues with not having been contacted for this spirit spot.