Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Statement of the Obvious: Brave Sir Julian - Flight Risk

So sayeth Judge Howard Riddle:

Riddle told Assange that he had “substantial grounds” to believe the 39-year-old Australian wouldn’t turn up for subsequent proceedings. He then put Assange into U.K. custody ahead of an extradition hearing.

Pray tell, Brave Sir Julian, how are you going to pay for those airline tickets anyway?




Nevertheless, Asschapeau bravely soldiers on, his loyal knights carrying on in his stead. But, he's not getting the better of the fight recently. In fact, is it time to rethink the Monty Python comparison? Has 'Brave Sir Julian' morphed into that other Python character, the Black Knight?

Assange to King Arthur, representative of THEM: "It's just a flesh wound"

Of course, this analogy only works if you consider Sir Julian's "poison pill" threat to be an analog of hand to hand combat, instead of the chicken shite posturing of a neo-hepcat poseur.

Never fear though, if you think that particular Python analogy doesn't hold water, for there are others. When confronted with push-back from the wiley enemies of informational freedom for all, Brave Sir Julian does tend to run away. So sayeth, or perhaps, infereth Judge Riddle. So, that of course brings to mind the famous "run away" scenes, one at the Killer Rabbit's lair, the other at the Castle of the French. Problem with this analogy, is we are forced to place Brave Sir Julian in the role of good King Arthur. Oh well.


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