Monday, November 29, 2010

Who said it and in regard to what?

"The documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all manner of private information and statements that were never intended for the public eye, so they won't be posted here."

Your choices:

A. The Washington Post, re: the most recent wikileak

B. The Wall Street Journal, re: the most recent wikileak

C. The New York Times, re: the most recent wikileak

D. The Wall Street Journal, re: CRU Climategate leaks

E. The Washington Post, re: CRU Climategate leaks

F. The New York Times, re: CRU Climategate leaks.

The answer is HERE

Countdown to convoluted and baroque ad-hoc explanation of apparent inconsistency in standards begins....NOW.

Delicious beating of dead horse can be found HERE.

Calling Councilor Thurm. Councilor Nathan Thurm! Your services are needed.

"I'm not being defensive. You're the one who's being defensive."

"Is it me, or is it him? It's him, right?"

Command Performance, Christmas Eve, 1942.

Listen or Download HERE

During WWII, this weekly hour long show was exclusively broadcast over Armed Forces Radio Service, via shortwave radio, for men and women serving overseas. This episode features Bob Hope, the Andrew Sisters, Red Skelton, and Spike Jones and the City Slickers. Enjoy

One last Wikiquestion:

Granted that Brave Sir Julian is spreading out the release of the thousands of documents over an extended period of time, I believe it is a safe reading to say that he is milking the Manning teat for as long as possible, not merely as a PR gimmick, but out of necessity. This strategy of his raises the question: what will he do when that source is exhausted? Will he have anything left with which to bludgeon the great beast of the West?

If, as I suspect, he does not have much of anything left that did not find its origins from Mannings teat, and it is also true that he will not have a significant in-flow of newer documents, might Brave Sir Julian simply fold up the tents for lack of business?

This is assuming of course, that he lasts that long, and can go on milking the Manning teat for months. You know, it is entirely possible that THEY may make that technologically impossible through Denial of Service attacks or other nefarious means. (Stuxnet Wiki version 2.0 anyone?)

And, what with the Aussie government now exploring criminal prosecution, adding to the accused rapists international legal woes, Brave Sir Julian may not be on the lam that much longer.

Either that, or he will simply fade into insignificance for lack of new materials. How many Mannings can there be, and how likely is it that any of them would be able to imitate, given the present situation?

Intertubal Wikilinkage

Bing West over at The Corner

1. Death sentence should be on the table for Manning.
2. AQ is bound to use this to track down collaborators.
3. THEY need to make life for Brave Sir Julian a little more difficult.
4. The New York Slimes: "Well since this was going live anyway..why not?"
5. Wall Street Journal: "Because it's wrong."
6. 'Law of Unintended Consequences' consequence of all this: The sorts of walls that existed between law enforcement and intelligence agencies, that allowed 9/11 to occur will now be rebuilt, and further walling off between military and civilian information systems will occur. Nice work Manning.

Daniella Pletka at AEI.

1. Tell us something we don't already know, Asschapeau.

Wings Over Iraq

1. Much ado over nothing..and, good news, we are not planning on taking the Falklands!

Kings of War

1. Brave Sir Julian is Dr. Evil, with a messianic complex, stroking his white kitty and dreaming of revolution.

Max Boot at Commentary

1. The press entities that collaborate with Brave Sir Julian are shameless. (Didja folks hear that over there at the Slimes? Didja?)
2. Wikileaks can't make up its mind who it hates more, the U.S. military or the U.S. diplomatic corps. (Hint Max: WL doesn't like either. Brave Sir Julian and his minions see the U.S. as irredeemably evil. They subscribe to the dime store Marxist worldview of Chomsky. Look at the laughable introductory material they provided. This last bit thanks to the blog Mystical Politics.)

The Detestable Sir Julian Asschapeau gets attention he craves

Thanks in part to the willing cooperation of the NY Slimes, der Spiegel, the ironically monikered "Guardian" and the usual international journo suspects. Among other shockers, we get these shattering revelations:

The Outrageously Outrageous Confirmation of the Obvious:

U.S. State Dept. thinks it is wise to spy and data-mine U.N. Diplomatists. Yes, even Hillary approves it. I'm sure somehow or another Nixon's ghost is responsible for this, or maybe Dubya.. Maybe Darth Cheney, with those Jedi mind tricks?

And things only get worse.

Gird yer loins folks, for this one:

Saudis are a substantial source of funding for AQ.

I know, that's a real face melter.

And, speaking of our friends the Saudis, they are real intent on the U.S. taking out some pesky Iranian nuclear facility, as are other regimes in the area. But, get this.. you will never believe this.. all these folks want to remain on the hush-hush about that eagerness, let us take care of the thing, and then act outrageously outraged.

And..get this..the Zionist entity is not as keen on that little bombing project as are these other regimes that seem to be lining up with our friend the Saudis...shhhh...don't tell anyone, especially the anti-American/Israeli left. Faces might melt er sumpin'. Cognitive dissonance ya know.

Oh...but there is more. Much more:

Next: From the (until now) jealously guarded State Department pool of 'Take Your Meds' poster child candidates, the favorite:

Big Moe Karzai is bipolar.

Dear God in Heaven!

And in a related vein, the (until now) favored nominee for the Capt. Louis Renault "We're Shocked..Shocked!" Award goes to this bombshell:

Mo Karzai's brother, Ahmed (Shermie the Drill), is corrupt, and tied to the drug trade in Afghanistan.

NO! Say it aint so Mo. And I thought Mo's Bro was a nice little Elf.

The (until now)jealously guarded 2010 recipients of the "Lucy and Ethel Friendship" Award:

Li'l Kim and his bosom buddy Li'l Ahmie. They love each other so much that they are sending each other fireworks laden care packages. Ahhh. Ain't that cute. Oh..and Li'l Ahmie's compared to...wait for it....Hitler. (No freakin' duh.)

[Curiously absent from the picture, Official Iranian Salute Guy. ISG we hardly knew Ye.]

And, speaking of Iran..the Islamic Republic smuggles arms to the Hezbos via Red Crescent Ambuli!!!!

[Message from Iran on being outed on this ingenious plan..]

Further revelations..

Vlad Putin and Dimitri Medvedev are Batman and Robin,

Need help with that package Batman, do ya? Go ask Li'l Kim...He has some customers.

And, hard to believe this: There is a Russian Mafia with which the Ruskie gubmint does business!

There's more!

Muammar Gaddafi is bat-guano crazy, and has a well endowed "Ukrainian Nurse" with which he spends buku quality time. [And he's still ticked he couldn't put up his 'Big Mo Tent o' Pleasure' palace on the grounds of the U.N.]

But wait...even more! Try not to avert your eyes. You must see. Must see!

The Chicoms Google Google..cyber-style of course. (and helped Li'l Kim and Li'l Ahmie exchange fireworks gifts).

You know. After having perused the revelations, I've had a change of heart about Brave Sir Julian Asschapeau, Knight of the Rueful Countenance and Multi-hued Coif, International Man of Mystery.

I know. I know. You shake your head in disbelief. But. I'm big enough to admit when I am wrong. So, a message to you, Brave Sir Julian: You have well and truly removed the scales from our collective eyes. You have exposed the imperialist Amerikan Empire for what it is.

Thank you Brave Sir Julian. Thank you. You are super awesome.


Ah, Man...Leslie Nielson has died.

From the volume of posts around the inter-tubes, he was appreciated, and will be missed.