Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Curiously timed naval exercise: U.S. and South Korea

Li'l Kim, are you watchin'? Li'l li'l Kim?

The exercise will include sending the aircraft carrier George Washington and a number of accompanying ships into the region, both to deter further attacks by the North and to signal to China that unless it reins in its unruly ally it will see an even larger American presence in the vicinity.

Seems a U.N. resolution, in response to a nuke test didn't prevent Noko from acquiring some nifty new materials for their centrifuges.

When North Korea set off a nuclear test last year just months after Mr. Obama took office, the United States won passage of a United Nations Security Council resolution that imposed far harsher sanctions. The sanctions gave countries the right, and responsibility, to board North Korean ships and planes that landed at ports around the world and to inspect them for weapons. The effort seemed partly successful — but the equipment in the centrifuge plant is so new that it is clear that the trade restrictions did not stop the North from building what Siegfried S. Hecker, the visiting scientist, called an “ultramodern” nuclear complex.

South Korea continues to say "Next time we'll get serious...yeah, next time. So you better watch out, li'l Kim."

The decision to send the aircraft carrier came as the South Korean military went into what it termed “crisis status.” President Lee said he would order strikes on a North Korean base if there were indications of new attacks.

To paraphrase South Park's rendition of Saint AlGore:

"Ah Jesus on Ice skates. I'm totally serial."

Thanksgiving promo gone disastrously wrong, courtesy of WKRP in Cincinnati

Get past the goofy 80s retro threads and hairdos, and marvel at Less Nessman's commentary from the Pinedale Shopping Mall.

"Oh the humanity!"

"God as my witness; I thought turkeys could fly."

Mr. Carlson

Thanksgiving OTR smorgasbord

Various radio shows from OTR sources I regularly peruse. The first comes from "Homeschool Radio Shows" excellent source of historically themed OTR. This is a thanksgiving episode of the series Cavalcade of America, entitled:

Path of Praise

A history of how we came to have our holiday.

Also from HRS, we have a gem from the "You are There" series. YAT recreated history as if it were being covered by contemporary radio news. This episode:

The Sailing of the Pilgrims

In a lighter vein, the Life of Riley, a radio sitcom of the 40s presents:

Thanksgiving with the Gillises

And hard boiled private eye Sam Spade is on the..

Terrified Turkey Caper

And the Elgin Watch company sponsored annual Thanksgiving shows in..

1947 and 1948