Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA Funnies continued

First it was Dubya on Leno,

then it was


and before that, David Zucker with a flash of prescience:

Our friends the Saudis have been cleaning up their state sponsored textbooks

Well. No, not really, but we can dream can't we? This is an old problem. Back in 2006 Freedom House conducted an extensive study of Saudi provided textbooks and literature to be found here in the States. The findings? Among other things, these texts..:

•Condemn and denigrate the majority of Sunni Muslims who do not follow the Wahhabi understanding of Islam, and call them deviants and descendants of polytheists.
•Condemn and denigrate Shiite and Sufi Muslims' beliefs and practices as heretical and call them "polytheists;"
•Command Muslims to "hate" Christians, Jews, "polytheists" and other "unbelievers," including non-Wahhabi Muslims, though, incongruously, not to treat them "unjustly";
•Teach the infamous forgeries, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, as historical fact;
•Teach other conspiracy theories accusing Freemasons, Lions Clubs and Rotary Clubs of plotting to undermine Muslims;
•Teach that "Jews and the Christians are enemies of the [Muslim] believers" and that "the clash" between the two realms is perpetual;
•Instruct students not to "greet," "befriend," "imitate," "show loyalty to," "be courteous to," or "respect" non-believers;
•Assert that the spread of Islam through jihad is a "religious duty;"
•Instruct that "fighting between Muslims and Jews" will continue until Judgment Day, and that the Muslims are promised victory over the Jews in the end;
•Include a map of the Middle East that labels Israel within its pre-1967 borders as "Palestine: occupied 1948."

If that doesn't get yer dander up, take a look at some sample pages from said volumes.

At the time, Prince Turki al-Faisal and others in the Saudi government claimed that things had been cleaned up, but the Freedom House study gainsaid that assertion. So, maybe, just maybe our erstwhile friends have made some progress in excising the nasty bits in the 4 to 5 years since then? Not so, says the BBC's "Panorama" a sort of 60 Minutes style news magazine across the pond. Here's the Grey Lady's report on that program

And a link to the BBC the program itself


Why is this dawdling and prevarication allowed to continue?

Lil' Kim's latest act of war..er..provocation..er..hissy fit for attention..war crime

Absolutely amazing that this lil' bit of moral jetsam is allowed to get away with this, time and again.

And some more from Lil' Kim's 'hit' parade:

Jan 1967 - attacks South Korean warship near border, killing 39 sailors
Jan 1968 - commandos storm presidential palace in Seoul in a failed attempt to kill President Park Chung-hee
Jan 1968 - captures USS Pueblo - one crew member dies and 82 held hostage for 11 months
Dec 1969 - hijacks South Korean airliner taking dozens of passengers hostage
Oct 1983 - bombs hotel in Rangoon, Burma in failed attempt to kill South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan - 21 people die
Nov 1987 - bombs South Korean airliner, killing 115
Sept 1996 - sub carrying 26 troops disabled off South - some land in South sparking deadly manhunt
Mar 2010 - torpedoes Cheonan warship, 46 sailors killed

If I were in charge, down south of the DMZ, I'd be doing something about this. The lil' sumbitch is killing South Koreans with impunity.

I'd strike at one Mr. Ronery's Nuke facilities, or better yet, the on site residences of the people that administer those barbaric gulags so appalling, described here.

Alternatively, or perhaps additionally, I'd hit Lil' Kim where it hurts, quite literally at home, with a decapitating precision strike. With a little luck, the strike would also remove Lil lil Kim, heir apparent, from this mortal coil in the process. That would precipitate an internal political crises.

Prefatory to these moves, I'd get my friends in the U.S. to assure the Nokos that they had better not contemplate a retaliation, because it would not turn out good for them. U.S. Navy would make an appearance in nearby waters.

Surely there are folks in the Noko military, or government that would prefer to bring their country out of the Stalinist dark ages. No doubt a sizable portion of the general population would welcome this.

Heck, even if regime change ain't in the offing, internal instability would avert attention from provoking neighbors. Would the chicoms move to prop the teetering regime in the scenario as I have described it? I don't think so.